Des Moines Businesses You Should Visit

When you think of businesses native to Des Moines, IA your first thought might be Ray Gun, and while Ray Gun is certainly a gem, here are three other local businesses you should consider checking out. 

Zombie Burger

Zombie Burger has two locations in the greater Des Moines area and features a menu full of fantastic appetizers, burgers, and shakes. All of the shakes and burgers have fun horror-movie themed names and are scary good! They have spaced out seating indoors and outdoors and are taking precautions to ensure guest safety. They have a really unique array of food including a burger that has grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns and fried brussels sprouts. I would recommend the ‘Planet Terror’ burger and the ‘Human Centi-peach’ shake to any new guests! 

Petals and Moss

Petals and Moss is a relatively newer establishment. They opened their doors in August of 2019 and have been going strong ever since. Petals and Moss specializes in house plants and plant accessories. The store itself has such a welcoming fantasy-esq atmosphere with soft warm lighting and Spanish moss dangling from the main chandelier. Petals and Moss frequently has fabulous sales going on and host silent plant auctions on their Instagram on an almost-weekly basis. They will even provide a complimentary potting service for you if you purchase a plant and a pot from them. I recently visited the establishment and bought a small donkey-tail plant and a small concrete pot and love how it brings some life to an otherwise bland dorm room.

Mars Café

Mars Café is a staple for many Drake University students; however, Mars has three locations spread out around the Des Moines area. Mars serves a wide variety of drinks and cafe sandwiches. Mars has a creative lineup of drinks that come with a smaller price tag than a traditional Starbucks drink. When I visit Mars Café, I usually indulge in either an Italian soda, of which they have a huge range of flavors, or a classic iced chai latte. Mars is a great place to sit and check a few emails or do some Instagram browsing. The atmosphere is so welcoming, and the employees are never anything but splendid!

In the midst of a global pandemic small businesses are struggling to make ends meet and connect with new audiences. These businesses help to provide Des Moines with its diverse environment, so consider spending locally on your next trip into the capital city.

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