Center for Communication Student Spotlight Take Over

I am super excited to announce that on December 16, I am taking over the Center for Communication’s Instagram for the day!

The Center for Communication is a nonprofit organization based in New York that focuses on diversity in media and “connecting the leaders of today, with the leaders of tomorrow.”

I have attended two of the Center’s online summits, one focused on diversity in media and one focused on women in media. These summits have been invaluable in my career journey thus far and have connected me to so many professionals in the industry.

Through the Center’s Student Spotlight program I will be taking over their Instagram Story for a day. I am so excited to share my day with those who follow the Center.

Throughout my take-over I will be posting content about what I am doing to build/display experience over my winter break because I do not have an internship.

In the communications field, like many, you are expected to have experience when you are applying for jobs and even some internships. Unfortunately, 2020 has not been particularly conducive to internships and thus many of us are left wondering what to do. I’ve decided to take on a few passion projects to help build my portfolio.

Thank you to the Center for Communication for allowing me this opportunity!

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